Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 2

Merchant: 5

Luck: 4

Character Information: Edit Edit

House Head: Queen Alexia Freejoy.

Age: 27

Basic Info: Alexia Freejoy is the current Queen of the Iron Throne. Many of the Realm call her "The Bastard Queen." This is due to the fact that the Freejoy's took an old Bellos custom. That is adopting Bastards into the House. Where House Bellos did it to honor a fallen comrade, and ensure that their children be taken care of, House Freejoy started it be the first Freejoys were the male lovers of House Bellos and House Alister. This meant that they could not have children. Instead of simply having a child with a random woman, they adopted a Bastard as an Heir. This has become the tradition within the House. Alexia is no different. She chose a child to "Rise Up" herself recently. Alexia has fully embraced the ideal that anyone can Head a House. Where some see that as blessing, there is less rape due to Bastards able to claim titles, she uses it as a weapon. A good number of Houses have been stripped of their titles and given away. This has allowed her to hold power for the time being. While not as clever as she thinks, she is not naive. She knows that she runs on a thin line. She also knows that many people do not speak out because they are tied to tradition as well. She is the Queen so people obey her because she is the Queen. She also diverted most of the Crowns resources to trade. There is a lack of old Trade Houses in the Kingdom. With Benidict and Freejoy making up half of the Trade Houses, it means most houses that would oppose her do not have the money to field a campaign.  

Regent: Prince Robert Freejoy

Age: 10

Basic Info: Robert Freejoy is a very recent addition to House Freejoy. Little to nothing is known about him as he only can to be "Risen Up" a few months ago. He knows very little of how to run a House, much less a Kingdom. What he does have is a calm and cautious nature. He tends to stay quiet and listen. He does not get rattled during sparing practice. The young prince does not need to be told things more than a couple times for them to stick. Alexia knows in a few years he will be a fine prince. Within a decade he will be ready to rule himself.  

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House Sigil/Colors/MottoEdit Edit

The Sigil of House Freejoy is an Unicorn in front of a shield.

Colors: Red and Yellow

Motto: "Loyal to Country, True to Self"

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