Aspects: Honor Duty Family, Unchallenged Traders, Ties to Free Cities

House InfoEdit

House Brairthorn is ran by Lord Gavius, Master of Coin and Trade. It is an offshoot branch of House Bellos now due to Gavius being the elder brother of King Cadius. Gavius was warded and trained by Lord Benedict in ways of Trade and Coin. When Lord Betram passed he named Gavius as his sole heir. House Benedict merged with House Briarthorn to make a Trade House of unchallenged wealth. The land of House Briarthorn sit on a gold mine. They produce all the coinage used in Nothern Westeros and some in Southern Westeros. The House prides itself on fair trade trade. Due to lack of competion the House has grown in wealth and close to rivaling that of House Bellos.

Known MembersEdit

Gavius Briarthorn- Head of House. 46 years of age. Looks a lot like Cadius, but is very heavy due to his lifestyle. His hair has gone mostly gray at this point making him seem older. Trades with many of the Southern Cities. Has disdain for House Alister, and Titus.

Lady Margrett- Wife of Gavius. She has no want for Cadius to push South. Being the only trade House in the North has left her family well off. She knows that House Brairthorn is a big fish in a small pond, Cadius pushing South would just make the pond bigger and thus take some power away.

Three Unmaned Children Left open unless needed for story

Alexander Briarthorn- Middle child and has always coveted knowledge over lineage or wealth, He Is currently a Maester in training, hoping to acquire among other links a Valerian steel Link.

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