Stats:Edit Edit

Army: 1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Luck: 2

Character Information (Description and History)Edit Edit

Head of House: Marius Brairthorn

Age: 20

Basic Info: Marius is great grandson of the former King Darius Bellos. Much like his grandfather he is tall and broad shouldered black hair and dark eyes. Marius believes in aggressive trade. He is more than willing to contract armies to put pressure on other Merchant Houses. While he keeps his opinions largely to himself, it is an open secret he has no love for the Freejoys. He strongly believes that Lineage must be upheld. He is fine with Ladies running houses, but he is not a fan of Bastards. The world is like a trade house. It must be stable to push forward. Marius sees the world as a chaotic mess. No ones House is safe and no one can rely on history and honor. The fact the Queen, a Bastard herself, is placing another Bastard as heir proves it. It means your marriage alliances mean nothing. It means your ancient pacts mean nothing. All because you can be replaced my a gutter dweller at the drop of a hat. Houses that follow strict lineage line tend to get much better deals than those that do not.

Heir: Kallius Briairthorn.

Age: 18

Basic Info: Kallius is the younger brother of Marius and next in line for Head of his House. He resembles his brother and the two look much alike. Kallius has softer features though. He still has some of his baby fat on he face. He has the faint touch of a beard. It resembles a slight stubble even though it is months old. Kallius tends to travel more than his brother. He is the more public face of the House. He is a strong believer of lineage as well, but not as zealotic as his older brother. Kallius enjoys much finer things than his older brother and tends to throw expensive parties often. His traveling and feasting with other Houses is a major factor into the love the other Houses have for the Briarthorns.

Spouse/Children Information:Edit Edit

Unmarried, no children as of yet for either.

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit Edit

The sigil of House Briarthorn is a burnt orange lynx head on a brown background. 

Colors: Burnt Orange and Brown

Motto: "Honor. Duty. Family."

Signficiant History of House Briarthorn: Edit

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