Stats:Edit Edit

Army:  1

Keep: 3

Subterfuge: 4

Merchant: 5

Luck: 2

Character Information: (Description and History)Edit Edit

Head of House: Bertram Benedict

Age: 47

Basic Info: Bertram is the latest person to hold the title of "The Bertram" of House Benidict. When the Freejoy took over as Kings they saw the need to ensure that trade stay stable at all costs. Karaius Freejoy turned to the practices of his fathers old friend Bertram. He knew that the House needed to be less political involved as not to be swayed. A House that only lived to ensure trade was upheld. Choices being made to support it. So the Freejoys took Benidicts practices, but removed the political loyalty that the original Benidict had. The result is the new House Benidict. A title passed down from person to person. Once the current Bertram died, or retired, someone else would take up the mantle. The current Bertram has been the head of the House for 15 years.She is a extremely large woman of enormous girth. Bertram is grooming a bastard she brought into the House to take her place soon. The Bertram is looking forward to retiring soon.  

Heir :Gavius Benidict 

Age: 20 

Basic Info: The Gavius is the current Heir to House Benidict. As per custom he gave up his real name and took the title "The Gavius". He was adopted by the current Bertram when she took the title. As per custom one of the Bastards that help in the counting Houses was taken to replace the old Gavius. After many tests to ensure that the Bastard had a head for numbers and trade, he was promoted and taught to one day take over as Bertram himself. Gavius knows that Bertram is thinking of retiring and is looking for a Bastard to adopt currently. Garvius is a short man of soft features. He believes that any one can do anything. House Freejoy and House Benidict has proven hat Bloodlines and Gender do not matter. It is sheer will. Rumor is that part of his "interviews" with the children is less than tasteful. Luckily the bastards he deems "unworthy" are not seen again for various reasons.   

Spouse/Children Information:Edit Edit

House Sigil/Motto/Colors:Edit Edit

The Sigil of House Benedict is a cornucopia overflowing with food and coin.

Colors: Yellow, Black, and Grey

Motto: "Fair Trade"

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