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-House Bellos as two Keeps. Summer's End (The Capital), and Sunguard (Watria's Keep)



Aspects: The Sun Always Rises, Kings/Queens of the North, We want our ancestral home back, Death to The Unholy Trio.

House InfoEdit

House Bellos is the ruling House in Northern Westeros. Once a family of Brewers, House Bellos came into power during the Lion's Revolt against then King Rolf. Current head of the House is King Cadius Bellos. During the War of the Betrayers (as the Northen Houses call it), Cadius lost two of his Sisters (one of which was his twin), his Father, and his brother. This has not sat well with him. He would never have stopped the war if not for Queen Victoria. In truth she is what keeps him in check. Where Cadius has his Fathers size, he does not have his cunning. House Bellos has a strong distain for House Alister, Ravenwood, and Titus. The Houses of the North are well off though. Do to strong ties they get along very well. There are only a couple thorns in the Houses side. Cadius wants to push southward. He is backed by Lord Alard Terrowin, who wishes to take back his Family home as well. The other is House Freejoy. House Freejoy is made up of Karaius Bellos, and Doran Alister. Seeing as Karaius are married to Doran, Cadius has nothing to do with him and forbids his family as well.

Known MembersEdit

King Cadius- King of North Westeros. Short brown hair with touches of grey. Large framed of muscle. Aggressive by nature. Firm and just King. Strong moral code. Still a champion of the people, but not as politically cunning as his father. Strong dislike for House Alister, Ravenwood, and Titus. His goal is to take back the Eastern part of Westeros.

Queen Victoria- Wife of Cadius, Daughter ofKathryn Sarrowsweet. Tall for a woman. Same height as Cadius. She is the calming voice of reason to Cadius. Like Cadius, she is a champion of the People. She tends to let Cadius speak in Court, but is not shy to lean over and whisper in his ear when he may not be making the best choice. It is very seldom his doesn't heed her advice.

Watria Bellos- Sister of King Cadius. She has her own keep between Cadius and House Sarrowsweet. Has 3 Children. 2 Boys and a girl. Un-Named at this point unless needed in story.

Karaius Freejoy- Brother to King Cadius. See House Freejoy

Gavius Briarthorn- Older Brother to Cadius. Master of Coin and Trade. See House Briarthorn.

Prince Darius Bellos II (PC, Brandon)- First born of Cadius and Victoria. Tall and broad like his father, but has his Mother's curly hair and hazel eyes. Always smiling as he sees life as a game. He warded at House Terrowin. Strong miltary mind.

Princess Daethia Bellos- Twin to Darius. Warded with Watria. Due to such has her Aunts rebellous streak.. Strongly resembles her father, but with the curves and femine appeal of her mother.

'Little' Simon - Warded at House Sarrowsweet.  10 years of age.


House Bellos is the Ruler of Northern Westeros. In theory all of The North are loyal. Here are the most important Alliances.

House Terrowin- House Bellos and Terrowin are very close. Lord Alard warded Prince Darius. He saw the close friendship between his Father and King Darius and were extremly close to Cadius' brother Magius. See House Terrowin

House Sarrowsweet- Simon is the brother of Queen Victoria and warding the Bellos Twins.

House Arcadian- Lord Rorie saw King Darius as the Father he never had and Cadius as a Brother. He is Hand of the King and a rabid Supporter of House Bellos

House Bellingham- House Bellos and Bellingham have been tied togethr since the first war,

House Brairwood- House Briarwood is headed by Cadius' brother. Lord Briarwod is Master of Coin and Trade,

House Motto/Sigil/ColorsEdit

The Sigil of Bellos is that of a Brown Lion on a Burnt Orange Sun Burst.  The colors are, of course, Brown and Burnt Orange. The Sigil reflects the choice animal of House Bello. The Lion.  The Sun Burst is a reflection of them being from the East and the House Motto

"The Sun Always Rises"

House Bellos believes that the world will move on regardless of the people in it. It is up to yourself to ensure the next day will be better. Regardless of what happens, the sun will always rise.

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