House Bellos

House Sigil, Motto, and Colors:Edit


Lion's Head on a Golden Sun.

House Colors:

Brown and Yellow

The Motto:

"The Sun Always Rises".

House History:Edit

House Bellos as been around in one form or another as long as can be remembered. The House can into power when the Nomad Tribe "Bellos" learned to train and ride Dire Lions. Soon after the rest of the Eastern Plains came under the rule of the Bellos Tribe. Due to the mobility of the Lion Riders, there has never been a major keep or city within the plains. All settlements are small townships with a member of the family acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Due to lack of resouces, House Bellos has had to find inventive ways to promote trade. The most inventive is their Breweries. Around 100 years ago, Gavius Bellos opened the first Bellos Brewery. The ales from these sites are the primary item of trade with people outside the plains. The adverse effect of this is that a township is only as successful as it Brewery. As per custom, the leader of House Bellos takes command of the House when the current Lion Lord dies in combat. This does not always happen on the battle field. The current Lion Lord, Darius Bellos, came into power on the eve of his 23th birthday when he beat his father to death with a rock. This rock currently acts as the head of his mace. The past twenty years has seen alot of changes within the Bellos House and the tribes under their control. The Lion Riders patrol much more often. The family has shifted some of it focus back to trading as well as mercenary work. It should be noted that Bellos is both a title and a House name as well. When a tribemen, or woman, has shown to be exemplary, they are adopted into the House as full members. Nobles are called Riders and all others are Brother or Sister.

Living Members: Lord Darius Bellos,  Gavius Bellos II (Eldest Son), Lady Moraganna Bellos, Zarisa Bellos (Eldest Daughter), Cadius Bellos (Second Son, Twin of Daethia), Daethia Bellos (Second Daughter, Twin of Cade), Magius Bellos (Third Son. Adopted) Luthius Bellos (Uncle, Adopted Bother of Darius)Edit

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