Aspects: The Boys Need No Motto, House of Commons, Barter not Coin

House InfoEdit

House Bellingham is ran by the aging Lord Ryan Bellingham. At 72 years of age, he is one of the oldest Lords in all of Westeros. Both North and South. Lord Ryan has never fully fit in with the rest of the Lords. His Keep is more of a village with a small wall than a true Keep. He seldoms sees to the problems of his Bannermen as he would rather run his Butcher shop. In truth he is Lord of the Butcher's Block (His Keep), in name only. His son Rapheal handles all the affairs. Lord Ryan never truely wished to be a Lord. In many ways it was forced on him. Thus is motto is a bit of a joke that he himself made.

Raphael is honestly waiting on his father to pass. He loves his Father, but knows the House will not move forward as long as Lord Ryan is in charge. Butcher's Block still uses almost zero coin. Much like the Bathhouses in the South he ran, Lord Ryan would rather rely on Barter and Trade. This takes many visitors by surprise. Whores cost bread and not Silver, Axes are paid for with cows, and protection costs you helping fix the hired hand's leaking roof. Needless to say Butcher's Block has little visitors. Also that if you want to speak to Lord Ryan you have to do so in between customers in his shop while he chops meat,

One good thing that comes form this is that House Bellingham has spies everywhere. Where most spies can pass as kitchen staff, House Bellingham's spies are the kitchen staff. They are made up of common people all over the country and beyond.

Known MembersEdit

Lord Ryan Bellinham- (PC, Josh) Head of House Bellingham.

Rapheal Bellingham- Rapheal Bellingham handles almost everything to do with House Bellingham. It is an open secret as most often he Ravens are addressed to him, and the Bannermen handle afairs with him instead of his Father. Raphael has just turned 40. His hair is still blond. He is married with two sons. He knows he doesn't have the proper knowledge a Lord should have and doesn't wish his sons to have the same. As soon as they were old enough he Warded them both. One is with Brairthorn and the other with House Bellos. His goal is to set them up to be rightful Lords.

Raquelle and Erzebeta- Raquelle is the twin to Rapheal. Erzebeta is the younger sister. Both married common men and are not heavly involed in life as Nobles.

Ser Eduardo Bellingham- Eduardo is unmarried as he is a King's Guard to King Cadius Bellos. Eduardo uses a custom blade that is more of an over sized cleaver than a proper sword. Eduardo squired under the Late Lord Terrowin and learned the ways of combat. He is not the most skilled Knight, as he was raised a Butcher not a Knight, but brings a healthy dose of agressiveness and dirty fighting most Knights do not have.

Joachim Bellingham- At age 32, Joachim is most like his Father. He helps run the Butcher shop and the 'Off the Books' operations. He has little interest in "Playing High Lord" as he calls it. He has little interest in being a Noble and is fine being a Butcher with connections.

Known AlliancesEdit

House Bellos- Lord Ryan and the late King Darius were very close. Raphael has a son warding there as well.

House Terrowin- House Bellingham has been allied with House Terrowin since the Lion's Rebellion


The Sigil of House Bellingham is a Meat Cleaver.

Colors: Blue and Red

Motto: "The Boys Need No Motto"

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