House Sigil, Motto, and Colors:Edit

Sigil: Seed surrounded by a columned ring.

Colors: Golden and Green

Motto: "Even The Greatest Forest Starts From a Single Seed"

House History:Edit

House Baelor can track its history to a more humble time. They were farmers and workers of the land under the local landowners. They had a way with the land and would always have a rich and bountiful harvest. This capability with the land made landowners vie for them to plant for them, giving percent of the profits and even lands to the Baelors. Through many generations of this the Baelors gained a decent amount of land and wealth, from then mebers of the Baelor family went to learn from some great minds throughout Westeros ( primarily Merchants ). When the rebellion occured the Baelors backed the new to be King with their vast resources ( they did this because they did not like the way the local lords treated its subjects and the land) , for their assistance they were given a title and more lands of their own. The Baelors are friendly and accepting of others but not gullible, and respect hard work in nearly any form and self made individuals speak to them of character and will. As a side note House Baelor can trace its lines to the first men and primarily worship the old ways but do not discreminate against those who worship the seven.

Living Members:Edit

Mugen Baelor: Currend head of House Baelor

Unnamed: Wife to Mugen

Eva: eldest daughterof Mugen

Pasqual: son to mugen

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