Aspects: Gold Never Lies, Westeros Trade House, Beholden to House Alister

House InfoEdit

House Arden may have grown the most in the riegn of King Alister. After Westeros was liberated from the madness of the Eldest Bellos daughter, almost all the trade Houses in Westeros moved North following King Cadius. Most often Houses could feed themselves, but the Hojo Sickness killed many smallfolk. The burning of Keeps spread in some areas destroying farmlands. This lead to a massive food storage. Gregory Aden worked fast and partnered with Queen Merewen to establish trade routes with her family in Braavos. Due to such House Arden may be the richest family in all of Westeros. Jacob handles most of the responsibilities now of running the House while Walter acts as Master of Coin for King Alister. Unoffically Arden helps keep the peace in Westeros. When Houses start to complain then Arden slows down trade to their House. When Houses speak in favor of Alister they find good discounts.

Known MembersEdit

Gregory Arden: Lord of House Arden. Even at 52 yeas old he has no gray hairs. Still unmarried with no plan to do so at this time.

Jacob Arden: Son of Gregory. In early 30s. Brown hair like his Father. Married with 2 daughters. Handles most of the affairs of Houe Arden as his father has gotten older. Broader and more fit.

Walter Arden: Son of Gregory. In his late 20's. Current Master of Coin for House Alister. Very Bookish and educated.

Amelia Lazaus: Daughter of Gregory Arden, Wife of Leo Lazarus.

House AlliancesEdit

House Alister: House Arden owes Alister for where it has risen to.

House Lazarus: Through marriage of Amelia and Leo

House Servethus: Trading Partners

House Motto/Colors/SigilsEdit

The sigil of House Arden is a Golden Sun on a White Background.

Colors: White and Gold

Motto: "Gold Never Lies"

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