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House Alister is the current ruler of Westeros (or Southern Westeros as The Northern Lords call it). The past 20 years have been a test of Favian's cunning. Favian is a smart and cunning man, but ruthless and will do what ever it takes to stay in power. The people see him as the ruler elected by his peers, but he has had some strikes against him. His eldest son left the House to bed one of the of the 'Crazed' Bellos children whom Favian said was not fit to rule. Neither Him, nor any of his children, has had any more children. When House Bellos went North they took many of the Old Houses with them. Thus making people wonder if Favian was indeed telling the truth. The King smiles though and remains calm. Few people know the horrible things he did to become King. Few know what he has done to remain so. Favian is smart and able to think on his feet. If a House speaks ill of him he infoms Arden and trade slows down to a crawl for that Lord. If a Lord actively works against him then House Tidus maks them go away, If force is needed then he has Lady Lazarus step in.

This has allowed King Alister to keep the peace. When the House buckles to his ideals he steps in and helps them out. This shifts the blame squarely to the others while he is able to look like a Hero and a man of the people.

Lately King Alister has had many issues that he is having trouble putting down. The Song "Old Westeros" that he himself made has come up again. No matter how much he tries he can't get it to stop. This has gotten many of the Old Houses talking. Heirs are not being produced and that is causing trouble as well. Favian knows that the Kingdom is on the edge of revolt. This time he doesn't know if he can stop it.

Known MembersEdit

King Favian Alister:King Favian is a older man of 56. His hair is almost all gray at this point. Odds are from stress.

Queen Merewen Alister: At the age of 54 Merewen still makes mens head turn when she walks by. In truth Westeros would have fallen if not for her. Almost all the Trade Houses went to The North with House Bellos moved there. It became apperent fast the Kingdom on a whole would starve soon. She used her family ties in Braavos to elevate House Arden to where it is now. Due to the Old Westeros issues, she has trid hard to hide his accent, but at times it shows through.

Doran Feejoy: See House Feejoy

Lady Islode Webb: At the moment Islode may be one of the biggest achievments for House Alister. Married to Cedric Webb ties her to the Old Houses. Cedric loves to travel, host Tournements, and partake in social events. Islode is still a gossip, but has learned a great deal from Lady Ravenwood as far as political workings. This means that she is loved by most of the people. She and Cedric have not had any kids even though they have repeatedly try. She is scared because at 36 she is past her prime for childbirth. The love she has would be moot though if she is forced to become Queen as it undercuts the love The Old Houses have for her.

Prince Cassius Alister:The Crowned Prince of Westeros. Even at 36 he is still a quiet and reserved man. His father keeps instisting that he makes his rounds withint he Kingdom, but he doesn't. He rather spend his days in his Keep reading and writing. His wife Claire, of House Shadowmere, is the same. This, combined with the fact they have not had a child as well, make people wonder if there are health issues.

House AlliancesEdit

House Lazarus- House Lazarus acts as Favian's attack dog. She demanded to be made Warden of The South after House Arcadian left North. This was a terrible idea and Favian knew it, but without her army he would not have been able to take King's Landing. He knows she is not the brightest and uses that to his advantage, House Lazarus believes that they are of extreme value to The King, but in truth they are just a animal on a chain.

House Tidus- House Tidus was a key player in Favian's takeover of Westeros. Although Jonathon is Head of House, Favian only deals with Franklin's Brother who was a part of his Allaince to take over Westeros. Favian uses House Tidus to make key outcriers go missing

House Ravenwood -House Ravenwood has strong ties to Alister due to Lady Ravenwood being Hand of The King as well as fathering his last child.

House Motto/Colors/SigilsEdit

House Alister's sigil is a Golden Sparrow on a Blue Sky.

Colors; Blue and Gold

Motto: "Honorom Evolabit" or "Honor Soars"

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