The Game of Foam takes place in a modified Game of Thrones universe, and as such, uses many of the same customs and institutions as the books/series. This post will familiarize you with any of the important ways to offend or honor another NPC or player, as well as improve your RolePlay experience.


Under the former King, Rolf Cromwell, women had no inherent rights to property or titles.  Under King Bellos, women and men are now equal, women have just as much right to inherit titles and lands as their male counterparts. 

How To Honor a Guest:

If you invite a man into your home and that man eats any food you offer, then that man is a guest. If you harm, or knowingly allow a guest to come to harm you have sinned against the Gods and most NPC houses and PC characters will have a very low opinion of you. Your word will mean nothing and it will be very difficult to find allies.


Children are excellent commodities in Westeros. Besides continuing your family line and inheriting your name/title when you die, they can be used to cement alliances or hold sway over others.

In terms of marriage, if your child marries the child of another Lord or Lady, your houses are cemented in stone. It is possible to betray an alliance sealed with a marriage but it would result in the possible death of your child and would defenitly cause Westoros to view you as scum. Similarily, imagine your keep was taken, they left you and your youngest children alive but took your eldest sons to 'foster'. This is insurance. This is not so much an alliance as it is an ever swinging sword over your head. If you refuse to submit to your sons keeper then again, people will think you a monster for killing your child.


With all the mention of child killing, it is important to note that killing your own kin, be they a child or father, brother, or sister is an unforgivable offence. It is very unlikely you would survive in any capacity in Westeros save perhaps one, this option is described directly below.

The Wall and the Black:

The Wall is a massive wall of ice in the far north of Westeros. It was placed there as legends have it to protect mankind from a terrible foe called the others. A dead cold race that long ago attempted to destroy everyone during the long winter. In modern times it serves to keep wildlings from leading raids on outlying keep and holdings. The wall is maintained and patrolled by The Nights Watch. They have 'taken the black' which means they have relinquished their titles, lands, and the right to take a wife in service to this ancient duty. It is considered honorable to take the black. Once the black is taken you may never abandone your post, if you do there is only one punishment: Death.

Oddly enough, as honorable as it is for the second or third sons of Lords and excess nobility to take the black instead of squabble over inheritence, there is also a massive amount of ex-criminals in the nights watch. Prisoners that you would like to dissapear but can't outright kill due to some sort of hiccup, like for example if they are the knights of an ally that have done you wrong, urging them to take the black can make a good second option.

Remember, if you should become King or Queen, you may legalize, or outlaw anything you wish and the world will adjust and react accordingly. Just remember that no one sits easy on the iron throne so outlawing the majority of your allies religious practices would be an..interesting descision.

As you have no doubt, guessed by now, the Game of Foam will be a game where how strong/weak you appear, how honorable or un-honorable you are, and what alliances you form/break will all affect the invisible( to you) web of public opinion.  

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