Caitlyn Sorrowsweet Edit

Stats: Edit

4 - Will

3 - Ride, Fight

2 - Provoke, Athletics, Rapport

1 - Resources, Contacts, Empathy, Physique

Aspects: Edit

High Concept: Heir of House Sorrowsweet

Trouble: Strike First, Ask Questions Later



Better Men Have Failed, But I'm A Lady

Queen of the Party

Stunts: Edit

Born in the Saddle - +2 to all Ride Checks

Blood is Thicker Than Water - +2 to Rapport checks when they involve extended family.

Strength From Determination - Can Use Will instead of Strength in strength requirement check.

Character Info: Edit

Caitlyn Sorrowsweet - Bellos Camp

Caitlyn is nineteen years old. She has curly brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles, and is petite in stature, but with a big mouth. Daughter of Simon Sorrowsweet and Hannah Hadrian. 

 Caitlyn Sorrowsweet is the firstborn child of Simon and Hannah Sorrowsweet. She was always an extremely willful child and hard to tame. Her parents tried to instill in her good values and that she would more than likely inherit the house one day and should behave accordingly. Her father finally sent her to stay with his sister for a year when she was fourteen in the hopes that it would do her some good. It did, if not in the way that they would have hoped. Caitlyn enjoyed her time there and loves her aunt fiercly and was angered by the fact that she and her husband had their throne stolen from them. She bugged the maesters and anyone else she could to tell her about the war between King Bellos and Alister and filed it all away. She is bored of winter and resentful of the fact that her family isn't in the warmth of the South, where she is sure much more must be going on. She fantasizes about being part of a force to reclaim their lands. However, she isn't nearly as politically savvy as she thinks she is and never makes any real plans, just attempts to upset and rally people or pick fights with those that want to keep things as they are. She is very superstitious about the supposed curse on her family and tends to blame anything bad that happens on it, not taking alot of personal responsibility for anything. She was brought up as a lady, even if it wasn't in her nature. She can act the part at least, when she wants to. She can handle a sword well as her father wanted her capable of defending herself and is also an accomplished horseman. She hasn't shown any great desire to marry or settle anytime soon, her behavior hearkens back to the old children of the royalty (Hadrian's kids and Cromwells) as she will be out all night drinking and celebrating. She is also a nightmare to her father's repuation as a man of the people. Despite all their teachings, she doesn't see the smallfolk as equal to her and isn't afraid to let it be known that she is the heir to her house and will one day be in charge of all of them. She isn't cruel or abusive, she just wants to be looked up to as above (Nevermind the fact that it's not a very high class house)the rest. She is, at least very loyal to her family both close and extended, and loyal to the King and Queen in the South. Her parents just pray to the gods and hope that with age will come temperance. 

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