This section is to explain the rules of the game. Also how to set up a scenerio/story Arc. This game uses FATE Core as its system. Players will play Multiple PCs throught the game based on where the Story is taking Place. Each player will make 4-5 PCs depending on size of game. This means that different PCs will be in different areas and change based on how the game goes.

Creating Houses/PCs/NPCsEdit

Houses: The Houses are made using the 5 Aspects as per normal. The House Name is within the High Concept. The House Motto must be an aspect as well. The Trouble, as well as other 2 aspects must reflect the House as a whole. Stats are based on your Houses 'Rank' being Major, Intermidate, Minor. All the Major Houses get a 2,3,4,5 for stats. Intermediate get 1,2,3,4,. All the Minor Houses get ,1, 2,3,3. The Stats that Houses use are Army, Keep, Wealth, Subterfuge

Army is attack stat

Keep is Stronghold defense

Wealth is Money/Resources/Trade/ect

Subterfuge is Cloak and Dagger/Tracking/Spymasters/ect

PCs: PC's are created as normal Characters per FATE Core. Skills are 1 Great(+4), 2 Good (+3), 3 Fair (+2), and 4 Average(+1). The skills list is on Page 97 of the Fate Core Book. 5 Aspects. One is a High Concept, One Trouble, and 3 Standard. You get 3 stunts for free. Each extra Stunt costs a refresh. If a Member of a House you must take the House Extra.

House Extra: You are a member of a House in some form. Even if it is a bastard (but you have to be reconized). You are able to use the any of the House Aspects as your own. This cost the following -1 Refresh, Your High Concept must reflect being a part of the House. House Aspects can be Compelled. Being tied to a House cuts both ways.

Making a Story ArcEdit

Making a Story Arc is simple on Game of Foam. You simply gather a handful of Aspects from Houses, Places, PCs, ect, you wish to use, Group them up in pairs/trios/what ever works best. Figure out if these connections are Good or Bad. Find an NPC/House/Situation to exploit it. That Simple. After each arc the players should update the Wiki ASAP so others can see it to figure out what they wish to do.


Brandon wants to do a Major Battle within the game. The other players are ok as he hasn't GMd in a while and his battle tend to be good. Brandon looks at the Houses/PC/Cities/Ect. He chooses House Bellos' Aspect of Miss the Sun on Our Face, Skippi's (PC) Aspect of 'As loyal as long as I am Paid', Becky Shadowmere's Aspect of 'Raise my House up' and Rorce Arcadian's Aspect 'I want the Pridelands Back'. Brandon decides the story will be about Becky Shadowmere approaching Rorce regarding The Prindlands. She assures that she can help with information that can take back The Pridelands if she is promsed to marry Arcadia's son. This ties in Rorce and Beckys aspects. Brandon ties Bellos' Aspect and Skippi. House Arcadia and House Bellos are tight so the story would make sense for them to work together. Brandon ties Skippi's Aspect in with Bellos. As a GM Brandon compells Skippi's player to open the gates of Pridelands. The Price is a Pardon for Past Deeds. Brandon maps the story out having RP scenes between Rorce and Becky, Skippi and another PC working there way to get the gates open. Then a final scene with the battle. With Skippi opening the gates the battle is almost one sided. The Arc end with House Arcadian back in control of  The Pridelands.


A few things. Don't be offended with a House in Ranked. The House Ranking were basd on a few things. What your House did in previous seasons, Titles, things such as that. We all want our old House to be a Major House. The fact is that they all can't. The goal was to have most of the PC Houses from Season 1 and 2 be Major Houses, but that really distorts the numbers. So it was based on what all was done in game, House's History and how it ended. Don't take offence if 'your' House is a Minor House. House Arcadian was one of the Top 3 players in Season 2. It ended with him as Hand of The King, and Married to an Old House. That being said he is the first of his House's line. His history is a gambler that won a title. His history makes him a Minor, but what he did makes him a Major. Thus he is an Intermediate. Try not to to take offence. It wasn't meant as such. If you lost all your land, don't have a good title (or a BS title), and didn't do much, I ranked you as a minor.


The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones was amazing from a story telling stand point. It really rocked the orkd of the books. That being said don't do a story based on killing a PC and all his loved ones. If you have a solid idea for something that odds are will result in death, or planed to flat out kill them, get with the Player/s involved. Make sure they are ok with it. If they are ok with it, then cool. Lets not make a story to kidnap Prince Alister and make him a eunuch.

Put forth some effort and have the Houses do things that make sense. House Bellos isn't going to release a plague to kills Hundreds. Have care when using Houses that were PC Houses of current players.


Don't get pissed anytime something bad happens to your old House. Understand that this is a game. If something bad happens don't flip tables. As long as we are not sensitive, and talk we should be ok.

For Real Lastely

Help Update the Wiki. This will make it easy for who ever GM's. At least at the end of every arc.

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