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This page is for organization and information for the Game of Foam larp group. Character and house info as well as history will be here. Game of Foam is a larp inspired by the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire books and tv series, but does not require large knowledge of the book/show canon to particpate and enjoy. In GoF, you will play as a Lord or Lady playing in a medeival/fantasy setting. The trophy that is being vied for is the Iron Throne which is currently sat upon by an NPC king. There are many ways you can go with your character, and for those who do not wish to make as big of an investment in the game there is the option to play sellswords or random characters. The game will utilize regular LARPing (live action role playing) combined with online (or talked through, phone, etc.) correspondence to make a unique gaming experience. If you have any questions please contact @ A Game of Foam Facebook Group


Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

The Rules of Game of Foam

Character Sheet


Season 2 Archive - This will take you to the archive of the player and non-player characters information from Season Two of the game.

SEASON 1 ARCHIVE - This will take you to the archive of player and non-player characters, and houses from Season One of the game. 

Table Top - The Tabletop Version of the Game (Not Canon)  

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