A Game of Foam Player CharactersEdit

Listing for links to Game of Foam Player Characters:

Lady Eodyn Eversong (Player: Courtney)

Lady Kennah Thorne (Player: Brittany)

Lady Landis Unos Waryn-Peace

Lady Riya Lazarus (Player: Destiny)

Lord Archelaus Sevethus (Player: Nicholas)

Lord Favian Alister (Player: Henry or Trey, depending on what you know him by)

Lord Franklin Tidus (Player: Garvin)

Lord Fuma Hojo (Player: Chad)

Lord Gregory Arden (Player: John)

Lord Lawrence Kyoten (Player: Robert)

Lord Remos Miley

Lord Rorie Arcadian (Player: Luke)

Lord Ryan Bellingham (Player: Joshua)

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