Ryan Bellingham, Lord of Commons.


Standing Army: 3.

Subterfuge: 4.

Keep: 1.

Merchant: 2.

Luck: 5.

Character Background and Information:Edit

Proprietor of Bellingham's Butchery. "Bossman" of the Belmount Bowery Boys. Runs a variety of side-alley buisnesses, ranging from bottle-running, protection rackets, prostitution rings, et cetera. The City Guard gives them a wide berth due in part to cuts of the action, bribes, booze, women, whatever they need or want.

The Butcher of Belmount Bowery received the title of Lord of Commons for the "luck" of being at the right place at the right time to defend an assassination attempt upon the King's life. With little more than a whistle and a word, the bulk of the 3B's forces were at the ready with little more than improvised weapons and implements. Combined with the element of surprise, they were more than sufficient to keep the King safe until reinforcements arrived.

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